Carenation is a scalable tele-health platform that enables complete remote care delivery

with specialist consultation, patient monitoring and education using cutting edge technologies.

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Device Gateway

Allows realtime telemetry of medical device data. Multiple device vendor support. Audio, video, ECG and other vitals.

Care Portal

Complete Tele-Health system with doctor and nurse management and work flows. Includes support for mobile end-point.

Carenation Chat

Better utilization of Doctor time by decoupling the need for Patient and Doctor to be available at the same time


Web-RTC based video conferencing system with stun and turn.


Operational insights and medical analytics capabilities.


Integration with hospital systems with HL7, DICOM standards and API. Also SSO Authentication.


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Whats in it for you?

For Doctors

  • Consult with your patient from the luxury of your home.
  • Trends and Insights into patient health over a period of time rather than instantaneous vital values.
  • Access to information from the past consults.
  • Easy Scheduling and triaging.
  • Decreased travel for outreach services.
  • Continued engagement with patients.

For Patients

  • Increase patient intake
  • Offer specialist consults
  • Retain patients rather than transfer to another facility.
  • Employer driven healthcare
  • Manage Inflows better with scheduling
  • Better patient Loyalty
  • Operational Insights and mining on other health data
  • Cross promotions on patient portals

For Hospitals

  • Better outcomes with timely access to specialists.
  • Reduce unnecessary admissions/ readmissions/ consults.
  • Post operative monitoring - With Carenation you don't need to stay admitted post surgery beyond what is absolutely needed.
  • Meet specialist of choice right from home or the nearest centre
  • Track vitals with insights, Get Educated, Ask questions directly, Keep all previous Notes, Questionnaire and Prescriptions

For Governments

  • Effectively bridge the clinician - patient divide
  • Experience reduced costs as timelier access to the right doctor reduces the inefficiencies
  • Private-Public partnerships to make the best doctors available in the remotest of places.
  • Make healthcare affordable, reduce costs on specialists.
  • Get insights into health data over demography easily.
  • Operational insights to optimise the doctor usage.

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